Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ann and Vik's Wedding

When I first met Ann at our makeup trial, she struck me as a very sweet and kind person. After that, I worked with Ann on several other occasions. I feel so lucky for the chance to work with Ann on her wedding day. Since she already has a beautiful facial structure, I simply enhanced her eyes and highlighted her cheek bone. For her hair, we went with small volume and mid-low loose tousled updo. I love her flower bouquets and the orchid on her hair. She was glowing on her wedding day. Thank you Ann and Vik for giving me a chance to get to know you. Hope you have a blast at your honeymoon in Thailand. Special thanks to Jennifer Brotchie for the gorgeous photos, and a shout out to Mina Tran and Christina Chen for your wonderful job on the bridal party. See more photos here

Photograper: Jennifer Brotchie
Bridal hair & makeup: Kansinee
Bridal party hair: Mina Tran
Bridal party makeup: Christina Chen
Location: Omni Hotel and Officers's club Presidio


  1. Nice job! I love the make up and the bride is really beautiful :) Congratulations!

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